Vivacious Fan-Made Chili Peppers Song Video

-By Samarth

Bands make song videos. Nothing new about that. But fans joining together and coming up with such a lively and vibrantly refreshing video dedicated to their favorite band, is not something you acknowledge frequently.

Is Your Sense Of Reality Built Over Half Truths?

We base our reality on what we see around us. We believe what we've grown used to seeing since infancy. We've seen stars, and we've heard they're far. We've felt the breeze and we've read its invisible. And we've accepted it. We've accepted these facts because we can’t touch the stars or see the breeze. What if everything we see around us is similarly a conjured perception that we've built over truths and half truths?

Discover Tom Morello’s Fabulous Side-Projects!

-By Samarth

The mass knows Tom Morello through his devastatingly awesome guitar playing for the bands Audioslave and Rage Against The Machine but this shy-looking bald guitar god has been quite active lately with his  new band ‘The Street Sweeper Social Club’.