Check Your Views On Plagiarism Again

This is not a small and simple post on a chapter of plagiarism 101 lesson that you missed out. Although the whole concept was first set to thought in my mind by Internet plagiarism, it turns out that plagiarism is an essential element of every human life. One of the building blocks of the human and society development. This post will challenge your perspectives on originality and creativity but will also force you to think over whether if every original and creative work of yours is nothing but a result of plagiarism.

Why I Adore Tattoos But Would Never Get One On My Body

14 reasons why, despite of being in love with the art and culture of tattoos for years, I refuse to get a tattoo on my own body and advise others against getting one too.

The Unexplainable: Why Do Virals Go Viral?

The first post, of the 'The Unexplainable' series that I am about to start, deals with the topic of Virality. Let's discuss about a certain video on Youtube which gets over a billion views within 40 days and other phenomena of Youtube virality. Also let's talk about how virality outside the Internet world affects our life on a grand scale. Let me warn you though that, this post is not about any formula that when applied will automatically generate viral content, if that is what you are looking for. This post is about my own rhetoric intrigue over the concept of virality because I haven't figured out the whole thing yet. But then again, no one else in the world has figured it out yet either.

Overcome Mood Swings Instead Of Fighting Against Them

Mood swings and unproductive phases hit you when you least expect them. The major reason why everyone dreads them is because they greet you without a warning, turn your life upside down and make you miserable, even though it could be for a short amount of time. But what I am about to tell you is how, instead of running away and trying to shelter your mind from the next unexpected mood swing, you could embrace these mood swings and unproductive phases and learn your mistakes from them. Just like me, you too could grow from them, dissolve these blocks and reduce the frequency at which they might affect you now or in future and overcome mood swings.

Why Vegetarians Eat Eggs & Non-Vegetarians Don't Eat Humans

Out of all the vegetarians that I know, atleast 80% of them eat egg regularly or have ate an egg directly or indirectly ( via cakes or chocolates that contain egg) at some point of time in life. The idea of eating an egg does not disgust the common vegetarian as much as the idea of eating meat does. I have been a vegetarian since birth and I recently started eating eggs again. This means that I have converted from being a lacto-vegetarian to a lacto-ovo vegetarian. If those terms confuse you, here is a rough idea about the various bifurcations of vegetarianism.

The Ideal Smartphone Screen Size For You

Before the rise of the smartphones, the cell phones screens were plain black and white or coloured screens running simple one-dimensional game and applications. But with the rise in technology and the development and widespread use of the Android operating system, the quality of phone applications and resolution have improved multi-fold times. The screens now use the retina-display technology, AMOLED technology and Gorilla Glass protection over them to protect it from any scratches or damage. These high-resolution screens run various applications that are at par with the applications supported by a desktop computer! So when it goes without saying that the screen is the most important feature of the smartphones, it is very necessary to find out what screen size is perfect for us and it certainly doesn't follow the "Bigger is Better" system.