The Easiest Way To String A Guitar

Knowing how to string the guitar is an essential skill that every guitarist must possess. This video below from D’Addario helped me learn how to string my guitar correctly within few minutes. The method demonstrated in the video is very very easy compared to the other complicated methods on the Internet.

'Pleasure Maximization' : A Three Part Guide To A Better Life

Read the first two posts to understand pleasure and why pleasure is the most important thing in life. Use the third post to design your own 'Pleasure Model' and take back control over your life.

1. The Purpose Of Life?

2. Why We Do What We Do?

3. 'The Pleasure Model' : Instant Access To The Best In Life

'The Pleasure Model' : Instant Access To The Best In Life

If you've read my previous two posts and agreed on what I have said there, then you must have understood that Pleasure happens to be the center-point around which my life revolves lately. The purpose that this third part serves is that, without this part, the knowledge in the previous part will do more harm to you than good. This is a DIY guide or model that will help you experience the best in life.

Why We Do What We Do?

Why we do what we do? Is one of those questions that we ask ourselves when inspecting the nature of human behaviour, trying to understand our own personal habits and behaviour patterns or while trying to rise up from a downward spiraling life. Irrespective of what the reason behind you pondering over this question happens to be, I have the answer to your question.

An Amazing Book Concept

A choose your own adventure style of horror fiction novel which sets you as its protagonist, making for an amazing book concept.