Brendan's Death Song [Official Music Video]

Red Hot chili Peppers released the video for ‘Brendan’s Death Song’ from their latest album ‘I’m With You’.  The song pays homage to the band’s long time friend Brendan Mullen.

Vivacious Fan-Made Chili Peppers Song Video

-By Samarth

Bands make song videos. Nothing new about that. But fans joining together and coming up with such a lively and vibrantly refreshing video dedicated to their favorite band, is not something you acknowledge frequently.

Is Your Sense Of Reality Built Over Half Truths?

We base our reality on what we see around us. We believe what we've grown used to seeing since infancy. We've seen stars, and we've heard they're far. We've felt the breeze and we've read its invisible. And we've accepted it. We've accepted these facts because we can’t touch the stars or see the breeze. What if everything we see around us is similarly a conjured perception that we've built over truths and half truths?

Discover Tom Morello’s Fabulous Side-Projects!

-By Samarth

The mass knows Tom Morello through his devastatingly awesome guitar playing for the bands Audioslave and Rage Against The Machine but this shy-looking bald guitar god has been quite active lately with his  new band ‘The Street Sweeper Social Club’. 

Rock is not about the Rockstars

Since the olden ages Man has been interested (say fascinated) by that which he didn’t understand. Such fascination mixed with the excitement of being near pure live music just drives all levels of pleasure up the wall. That is probably why so many people use it. They didn’t get any of their skills by trading souls with the Devil or such; it’s just practice day in and day out.

The Richest Bands In History !

With hundred of rock bands out there, it’s difficult to compare bands on their musical talent and genius. Nonetheless, we could still compare them on their financial success. Although financial success not necessary translates into best music, we still take a look at the three richest bands in the rock n’roll history.

Almost Famous

With dozens of documentaries, movies and biographies on Rock musicians and bands out there, this movie definitely stands out for being the best till date in the niche.

Concert Ticket

-By Samarth

Live concerts seem to have a wonderful magic of their own. While you anxiously wait for the bands to start as they are busy setting up their drum snares and tuning their guitars, you start to wonder whether the band’s live act will sound better than the studio album versions.

Death Magnetic Controversy

The moment I start listening to the “Death Magnetic” album by Metallica, the first thing that I got to do is decrease the volume for tracks like “All Nightmare Long” and “The Day That Never Comes”. Not only these two songs but most of the other songs on the album are comparatively louder too.

Lyrical Illusion

Have you ever felt let down by a song, for instance you assumed a song was about the bands spiritual journey but later on when you googled the meaning of that song lyrics you find out it was about the bassist’s dead cat?

The Rock N' Roll Hall Of Fame

-By Samarth

The Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame archives the work of the greatest artists and engineers who helped build the Rock and Roll Empire. Located on the shore of Lake Erie in Cleveland, Ohio, it is a treasure chest for the legendary work of the most influential rock artists.