Against The Tipping Culture

I believe in questioning everything that has been blindly passed down because of social pressure generation after generation. Reading newspaperspatriotism and the gift culture are the three topics I have already talked on this blog before. Today I want to talk on one more important and annoying habit that has been involuntarily picked by every one and why I am against it.

A Comprehensive Guide To Minimalism: How To De-Clutter Your Life

The comprehensive guide about the whats and hows of Minimalism and a step-by-step application of minimalism with a DYI (do-it-yourself) approach. Plus advice on how to absorb principles of minimalism in each and every aspect of life and to change self-damaging negative habits formed over the years

Are You Using Hobbies As A Veil To Cover Loneliness?

Around a month ago, I told one of my friend that I am not enjoying talking much to her lately. I had found out through her in one of our talks that she didn’t have any hobbies or passions. The whole day she used to just sit at home and watch T.V. So in the end, no matter how hard I tried to not tell this to her, I finally couldn't tolerate her and I told her in a rude tone that she is boring and she should get some hobbies.

How To Get Rid Of Social Networks Without A Relapse

You could type 'How to delete Facebook/Twitter Account' in Google and delete your account within minutes but I can bet that you that you will be back on these sites within two weeks if not two days. I share below, the method I used to get rid of my social networking junk permanently without a single relapse.

Stop Criticizing The Elite Top 10%

“Any individual who wants to be a leader has to be controversial. Otherwise they don’t stand for anything.”

- Richard M. Nixon

8 Reasons Why You Must Delete Your Social Networking Accounts At This Very Moment

No slow introduction, let’s straightaway get to the hardcore reasons why you should delete all your social networking profiles straightaway.

A Generation Being Infused With Negativity. Seriously, How bad are things?

The moment you clicked on this title, this blog or even opened this web browser, it allowed me to make few assumptions about you.

The Easiest Way To String A Guitar

Knowing how to string the guitar is an essential skill that every guitarist must possess. This video below from D’Addario helped me learn how to string my guitar correctly within few minutes. The method demonstrated in the video is very very easy compared to the other complicated methods on the Internet.

'Pleasure Maximization' : A Three Part Guide To A Better Life

Read the first two posts to understand pleasure and why pleasure is the most important thing in life. Use the third post to design your own 'Pleasure Model' and take back control over your life.

1. The Purpose Of Life?

2. Why We Do What We Do?

3. 'The Pleasure Model' : Instant Access To The Best In Life

'The Pleasure Model' : Instant Access To The Best In Life

If you've read my previous two posts and agreed on what I have said there, then you must have understood that Pleasure happens to be the center-point around which my life revolves lately. The purpose that this third part serves is that, without this part, the knowledge in the previous part will do more harm to you than good. This is a DIY guide or model that will help you experience the best in life.

Why We Do What We Do?

Why we do what we do? Is one of those questions that we ask ourselves when inspecting the nature of human behaviour, trying to understand our own personal habits and behaviour patterns or while trying to rise up from a downward spiraling life. Irrespective of what the reason behind you pondering over this question happens to be, I have the answer to your question.

An Amazing Book Concept

A choose your own adventure style of horror fiction novel which sets you as its protagonist, making for an amazing book concept.

Check Your Views On Plagiarism Again

This is not a small and simple post on a chapter of plagiarism 101 lesson that you missed out. Although the whole concept was first set to thought in my mind by Internet plagiarism, it turns out that plagiarism is an essential element of every human life. One of the building blocks of the human and society development. This post will challenge your perspectives on originality and creativity but will also force you to think over whether if every original and creative work of yours is nothing but a result of plagiarism.

Why I Adore Tattoos But Would Never Get One On My Body

14 reasons why, despite of being in love with the art and culture of tattoos for years, I refuse to get a tattoo on my own body and advise others against getting one too.

The Unexplainable: Why Do Virals Go Viral?

The first post, of the 'The Unexplainable' series that I am about to start, deals with the topic of Virality. Let's discuss about a certain video on Youtube which gets over a billion views within 40 days and other phenomena of Youtube virality. Also let's talk about how virality outside the Internet world affects our life on a grand scale. Let me warn you though that, this post is not about any formula that when applied will automatically generate viral content, if that is what you are looking for. This post is about my own rhetoric intrigue over the concept of virality because I haven't figured out the whole thing yet. But then again, no one else in the world has figured it out yet either.

Overcome Mood Swings Instead Of Fighting Against Them

Mood swings and unproductive phases hit you when you least expect them. The major reason why everyone dreads them is because they greet you without a warning, turn your life upside down and make you miserable, even though it could be for a short amount of time. But what I am about to tell you is how, instead of running away and trying to shelter your mind from the next unexpected mood swing, you could embrace these mood swings and unproductive phases and learn your mistakes from them. Just like me, you too could grow from them, dissolve these blocks and reduce the frequency at which they might affect you now or in future and overcome mood swings.

Why Vegetarians Eat Eggs & Non-Vegetarians Don't Eat Humans

Out of all the vegetarians that I know, atleast 80% of them eat egg regularly or have ate an egg directly or indirectly ( via cakes or chocolates that contain egg) at some point of time in life. The idea of eating an egg does not disgust the common vegetarian as much as the idea of eating meat does. I have been a vegetarian since birth and I recently started eating eggs again. This means that I have converted from being a lacto-vegetarian to a lacto-ovo vegetarian. If those terms confuse you, here is a rough idea about the various bifurcations of vegetarianism.

The Ideal Smartphone Screen Size For You

Before the rise of the smartphones, the cell phones screens were plain black and white or coloured screens running simple one-dimensional game and applications. But with the rise in technology and the development and widespread use of the Android operating system, the quality of phone applications and resolution have improved multi-fold times. The screens now use the retina-display technology, AMOLED technology and Gorilla Glass protection over them to protect it from any scratches or damage. These high-resolution screens run various applications that are at par with the applications supported by a desktop computer! So when it goes without saying that the screen is the most important feature of the smartphones, it is very necessary to find out what screen size is perfect for us and it certainly doesn't follow the "Bigger is Better" system.

The Effects Of Isolation From Nature

About a month ago, I noticed my cat behave in a very unusual manner for a set of few days. Usually my pet cat sleeps and eats at my place and then goes down in my building's huge playground to play or run or do whatever else a normal cat does. So it spent approximately half the day inside my home and the rest in the playground. But suddenly one day, the cat decided to spend more than usual time at my home sleeping. We were obviously happy because we felt that the cat enjoys spending time at the home and enjoys it in here so it has decided to bestow us with more of its presence. But by the next day and the day after that, this unusual habit got me worried. Firstly, the cat spent over twenty hours a day inside, which isn't normal for animals. Secondly, I noticed a sad and dragged down look on its otherwise bright and cheerful face. I couldn't figure out whether my cat looked sick because it stayed in home all day or whether it stayed home because it was not feeling well.

Patriotism Is A Narrow-Minded Concept

We pick up our core values and perspectives on life from our surroundings and the people around us. One of the major ideas that gets passed on from generation to generation and gets deep rooted in our minds is: "Patriotism - One must love and sacrifice for his country no matter what and if one refuses to do so, he is a traitor and someone so disgusting that he should be looked down upon". And just like all the other societal values, this one too is stuffed into our brains. Here is a more detailed explanation on why one must question the notions of patriotism.

How To Undo The Effect Of Blogging On Your Mind

I have been writing blog posts more regularly lately than ever before and I notice a certain difference in the way I look at the things around me as well as at the thought processes going on in my mind. It seems as if a certain bloghole has been created in mind and it is sucking me in, in a similar manner that a blackhole sucks in every matter that exists in a space near it.

The Transition From Personal Diaries To Blogs

With tons of memes floating around the internet, I had a sudden idea to create exactly this one meme few days ago. I used one of the meme generating tools online to add text to the two photos then fused them together on paint. Here have a look!

I Hate Giving And Receiving Gifts.

Generally, attending birthdays or visiting guests without gifting a beautifully wrapped box of something is considered insensitive and rude. Although the age old gift giving tradition is slowly diminishing, it still exists to a huge extent. Irrespective of who or how special the occasion is, I don't mind saying, "Sorry, I don't give gifts and please I don't accept gifts either" to anyone and here are the reason why.

Twitter Becomes A Mess After Followers Rise

It is no secret that social media sites help garner huge audience for the blog. So I ended up creating a facebook and a twitter page for my blog. All was well in the beginning as I followed few users and they followed me back on twitter. But as the number of people I followed increased the whole thing turned to a complete mess and my plan of attracting the twitter audience to my blog resulted into plain waste of time.

The Purpose Of Life? Ans: Pleasure!

Every single one of us has pondered over questions like, 'What is the purpose of life?', 'What is the meaning of life?' or 'What are we doing here on Earth?', at some point of time in our lives and we have reverted to searching the answers to the purpose of life through heaps of theories and opinions offered by various philosophers, poets, spiritualists, self-help preachers and the likes. I tried doing the same too but I was not satisfied with their answers and opinions. So although it took me a while to find an definite answer to the age old million dollar question, I guess I have it figured out at least for now.

I Live In A Generation Of Pleasure Pursuers

There are few folks who are able to find faults and errors in almost everything and when the topic steers to the "my generation, your generation" talk, one can find an abundance of such irritating folks. They will have plenty of reasons as to why the generations following theirs have messed up everything and how we lack the quality life they experienced. In short how we completely messed up the process of evolution and are totally worthless now. But I somehow disagree in this blatant non-sense that is passed on time after time again.

Make A Bucket List!

The reality TV show "The Buried Life" consists of four guys trying to complete a list of hundred things to do. The show inspired me to make a simple bucket list which comprises of to-do tasks that doesn't require me to leave my city, work or spend exuberant amount of money or time on it.

Why I Dont Read The Newspapers Anymore

The paper boy delivers not one, not two but four of the best newspapers in my city, to our home every single day. My dad spends approximately an hour skimming through the newspapers and reading the articles before he proceeds on with his day. Whereas I detest the newspaper from the core of my heart and haven't read a newspaper since years now and here is the reason for it.

Internet Offers 15% Pleasure Of Reality

I swiftly delete my complete browsing history and close half a dozen tabs on the browser with one click on the red cross button on the top right corner of the browser window. I slowly get up from my throne and stretch and flex my muscles a bit, probably sore from sitting for past 3 hours in front of the computer. As I drink some water to re-hydrate myself, I start feeling weird.

A List Of Really Funny Stand-up Comedies I Saw Recently!

I started watching standing comedy on youtube over a year ago so I am not even close to being a critic about the various performances that I saw. But I've found few clips that are so funny that I keep watching them over and over again and they still crack me up every single time! So here is a list of some really funny stand-up comedy clips I saw on youtube recently.

I Start Posting On My Blog Again!

I created this blog around 6 months ago and rock music being my prime interest in life then (as it still is now), I decided to write about music, bands, the underground rock music scene, and bunch of other stuff.