A Comprehensive Guide To Minimalism: How To De-Clutter Your Life

The comprehensive guide about the whats and hows of Minimalism and a step-by-step application of minimalism with a DYI (do-it-yourself) approach. Plus advice on how to absorb principles of minimalism in each and every aspect of life and to change self-damaging negative habits formed over the years

Are You Using Hobbies As A Veil To Cover Loneliness?

Around a month ago, I told one of my friend that I am not enjoying talking much to her lately. I had found out through her in one of our talks that she didn’t have any hobbies or passions. The whole day she used to just sit at home and watch T.V. So in the end, no matter how hard I tried to not tell this to her, I finally couldn't tolerate her and I told her in a rude tone that she is boring and she should get some hobbies.

How To Get Rid Of Social Networks Without A Relapse

You could type 'How to delete Facebook/Twitter Account' in Google and delete your account within minutes but I can bet that you that you will be back on these sites within two weeks if not two days. I share below, the method I used to get rid of my social networking junk permanently without a single relapse.

Stop Criticizing The Elite Top 10%

“Any individual who wants to be a leader has to be controversial. Otherwise they don’t stand for anything.”

- Richard M. Nixon

8 Reasons Why You Must Delete Your Social Networking Accounts At This Very Moment

No slow introduction, let’s straightaway get to the hardcore reasons why you should delete all your social networking profiles straightaway.

A Generation Being Infused With Negativity. Seriously, How bad are things?

The moment you clicked on this title, this blog or even opened this web browser, it allowed me to make few assumptions about you.