Against The Tipping Culture

I believe in questioning everything that has been blindly passed down because of social pressure generation after generation. Reading newspaperspatriotism and the gift culture are the three topics I have already talked on this blog before. Today I want to talk on one more important and annoying habit that has been involuntarily picked by every one and why I am against it.

This is starting scene from the movie Reservoir Dogs. Steve Buscemi (Mr. Pink) refuses to pay the tip because he thinks the waitors don't deserve an extra tip. He also asks why you don't mind paying for a tip to a waitor but are not ok with paying a tip to a McDonalds employee. The best scene in the entire movie.

Food For Thought For Regular Tipper
1. Start questioning why you tip the waitors. 
2. Do you tip waitors because they can't make enough money? (They can quit if they dont)
3. Do you tip because the society says you should tip waiters?
4. Are you afraid of being called cheap if you dont tip?
5. Were you tipping till now because you assumed it was mandatory? (It should be included in the bill if it is mandatory)
6. Even if they provide you excellent service, they are still doing their job. Just like everyone should.
7. There are people doing worse jobs than waitors. Why don't you ever tip them?
8. A good arguement is that you pay them because they offer you a service which reduces your effort. (But that's their job and that's what they are paid for)
9. They do not depend on your tip to make a living. (Except America)
10. If you are a waitor in America, you should seriously consider leaving your job.