Death Magnetic Controversy

The moment I start listening to the “Death Magnetic” album by Metallica, the first thing that I got to do is decrease the volume for tracks like “All Nightmare Long” and “The Day That Never Comes”. Not only these two songs but most of the other songs on the album are comparatively louder too.

I know Metallica is a heavy metal band which plays loud, heavy music but here by “loud” I mean: volume. Death Magnetic is the ninth studio album by Metallica released in the year 2008 but even many heavy-metal fans too have complained the sound to be engineered too loud and deafening. I have myself experienced the sound distorting at many moments due to the sub-standard engineering tweak-ups for high volume.

Many critics believe the reason for this is to make the sound stand out on the radio. Although Metallica band members constantly say that they were never interested in doing cheap gimmicks for publicity, they did managed to gain lot of attention because of this controversy. The album also consists of the third part of the Unforgiven song series-‘The Unforgiven III’

Despite all this, the album is a huge hit and sold millions of copies worldwide, reaching multiple platinum on very first day itself. 

Metallica with all its controversies, still manage to get it right every time and continues to capture the hearts of every single metal and hard rock listener in the world.