Stop Criticizing The Elite Top 10%

“Any individual who wants to be a leader has to be controversial. Otherwise they don’t stand for anything.”

- Richard M. Nixon

8 Reasons Why You Must Delete Your Social Networking Accounts At This Very Moment

No slow introduction, let’s straightaway get to the hardcore reasons why you should delete all your social networking profiles straightaway.

A Generation Being Infused With Negativity. Seriously, How bad are things?

The moment you clicked on this title, this blog or even opened this web browser, it allowed me to make few assumptions about you.

The Easiest Way To String A Guitar

Knowing how to string the guitar is an essential skill that every guitarist must possess. This video below from D’Addario helped me learn how to string my guitar correctly within few minutes. The method demonstrated in the video is very very easy compared to the other complicated methods on the Internet.