A Generation Being Infused With Negativity. Seriously, How bad are things?

The moment you clicked on this title, this blog or even opened this web browser, it allowed me to make few assumptions about you.

  • You have access to a computer and a decent Internet connection.
  • You have enough free time in your hands to read on or off the Internet.
  • You are sitting in a really comfortable place with a fan, air conditioner or natural cool breeze to cool you down.
  • Considering you have the financial freedom to access Internet, I can also say that you can afford to eat whatever you want, whenever you want, wherever you want.
  • You are not sitting in the blistering sun, pouring rain or freezing cold.
  • You know how to at least read and most probably write whatever you want.

Maybe your morning newspaper or your television news channel is telling you that world is in a crisis. Think over it, are you actually in a crisis?

  • Unless you are 70 years old, there is a good chance that you haven’t experienced the world go through a World War or a nuclear bombing.
  • The average life expectancy is more than ever.
  • No emperor or king is going to guillotine you on his whim.
  • You can earn a decent job and living.
  • The law and justice system, no matter how corrupt one says, is better than ever before in the past.
  • You can protest or fight against whatever you feel is unjust.
  • Terrorism is being decreased and fought against more than ever before.
  • You are free to change your name, nationality, gender or religion.

How about your personal life, how bad is it?

  • You can walk up to any guy or girl you see on the street and talk to them.
  • You can constantly be in touch with anyone from your life on the Internet or on the cell phone.
  • You can fly to any end of the world freely
  • No matter which part of the city you go to or how lost you are, you can easily find your way back home.
  • You can pick up any hobby you want. You can start any adventure you want.

Even if you are shot at this very moment, you would have still lived a better life than most of your ancestors. Even if you are handicapped or have had the most unlucky life, you would have still lived a better life than most of your ancestors because.

  • You did not have to travel the forests and hunt wild animals for food.
  • You did not live in a constant fear of getting killed
  • You have already consumed more resources than your ancestors have.
  • You have tasted more varieties of food than any man before.
  • You can read and write.
  • You have heard more music than any man before.

I can write much more about how lucky and blessed the current and past few decades have been. These are just few things that I can think of from the top of my mind. So my question to you is, are things seriously going so bad in your life that you feel your life is terrible? Why doesn't a voice go in your mind against the negativity spread by people and media? 

The Culprits. So who’s spreading the negativity?

Negativity is spread by mass media and the negative people who buy into the fear that media sells. Yes there are people dying and accidents happening but for every negative accident there are thousands of positive things taking place in life. Count the bad days in your own life and then count the good ones. Is the difference worth calling this life and this society BAD, TERRIBLE OR NEGATIVE?

Billion dollar politicians, journalism industries and news companies work because YOU CHOOSE TO buy into the fear they sell. Negativity spreads because YOU SAY things are negative. Trust me things aren’t so bad. Things could have been lot-lot worse but they aren’t. Ultimately it’s your life and your choice. If you live with a negative mindset, all you attract into your life will be negativity. Instead, actively start discarding all sources of negativity from your life one by one and see your own personal life revolution.

Ways To Start Cutting Out Negativity From Your Life Right Now

  • Stop watching television.
  • Cancel your newspaper subscription.
  • Delete all your social networking accounts. (Why and How to get rid of social networking forever.)
  • Stop Instant Messaging on your cell-phone, Facebook and chat sites like Chatroulette and Omegle.
  • Keep your Internet usage time to minimum.
  • Disconnect the Internet or GPRS connection on your cell phone.
  • Stop criticizing.
  • Stop being sarcastic.
  • Stay away from negative people.
  • End self-destructive habits and addictions.
  • De-clutter your life.
  • Stop listening to depressing and self-sabotaging music.