Stop Criticizing The Elite Top 10%

“Any individual who wants to be a leader has to be controversial. Otherwise they don’t stand for anything.”

- Richard M. Nixon

Yes, I Agree Everything Is Messed Up

We live in a collection of system. These systems go by various names like - the education system, the government, the media, the rich neighbourhood, the law system, the corporate world, the music industry, the mafia, the society etc. Every strata of the society, whether movies or art, sports or your school will have an elite class which consists of the top 10% and a struggling class consisting of the rest 90%. The top 10% will account to 90% of the profit, fame and success even with minimal efforts whereas the remaining 90% will feed of the crumbs. These classes were formed when humans started living together in a society. They exist in every single country, state and city and are usually well inter-connected. And I can't disagree that every single system is messed up. Messed up to the extent that now correcting it and setting it right demands nothing less than a revolution. Corruption,greed and the desire for more power and money has poisoned the system to the roots. These systems don't mind throwing away your lives for more profit and money. And even worse, these systems are growing stronger and stronger every single day.

But Keep Your Criticisms To Yourself

While those at the apex continue to enjoy the power and luxuries of their top position in the anarchic system, you continue to argue with your friends and family how the systems should be altered. Altered, cut and stitched up to build an Utopia. Every single human knows who should be the next President, how the judiciary should function, how strict the punishment should be for a act of felony, how the education system should be changed and hows and what ifs about every other thing in the society. Go to any social gathering and these happen to be the common topic of discussion after the initial fake greetings are over. I respect your personal views on the systems and their flaws, but guess what, you are actually propagating the same anarchic system you hate by doing the above instead of taking them down. Those at the top of the pyramid never complain about such things, they instead thrive and depend upon you to argue amongst yourself, criticise them amongst yourself and live a mediocre life so that they can capitalise on your weaknesses.

Criticism Is The Easy Way Out, Self-Excellence Isn't

It is way too easy to shout how the education system ruined your life or how the legal system was unfair to you or how the system in general is biased against you. It's also very easy to curse those politicians on TV or start a protest rally, a candle march or make graffitis on wall to display their atrocity. But what isn't easy is developing and excelling in your own life. Those at the apex didn't reach there without any efforts. Irrespective of whether their choice of actions is good or bad according to you, they have put in more hard work than you and they are definitely smarter than you. You cant even give up simple addictions like Television, smoking, social networking and cell phones. If you can't even step out of your own comfort zone, you have no right to criticise others. Even if you were given the most powerful and influential position for the management of world, you still can't correct the difference between the elite 10% and the struggling 90% class. Everyone in this world will never be equal, so move over that idea. And thank god this imbalance exists.

Their Life Is 10 Times More Difficult Than Yours

Those at the top have a much harder time than you can imagine. The top position is always lonely. Notice how any pyramid always tapers at the top? While you have a dozen team mates and other employees to share your life with, notice how the bosses sit alone in their cubicles year after year? While you can get away with anything, notice how the "Coolest guy" turns into a joke for the entire classroom even though he messed up just a slight bit? Try to put yourself in the politician's shoes for a second, imagine the mental stress before taking a certain decision that is going to affect the public but is pressured upon by MNC's, other politicians, mafia death threats and so on. Their job is not as easy as you assume it to be. If you have a hard time talking while giving a speech or conducting a presentation for a bunch of people, imagine how terrible it must be to deal with thousands of media persons constantly monitoring every single detail of your life. We are having a hard time managing our own life or our own families, so surely their job isn't as easy as you assume it to be.

The Entire System Can't Be Changed For You

For everything I do in life, I expect 50% of the people to hate it and the remaining 50% to love it. This keeps the praise and criticism from getting to my mind. The same applies to the elite too. They don't mean to disrespect your opinion, but they cant shape their life  and work by examining every single review and criticism they get. And for every criticism you make, there is someone supporting the very same idea. M. Gandhi is loved and hated equally by Indians. There are many who love him for his satyagraha movement but there are many who blame him the Indo-Pak split and Bhagat Singh's death. His own son hated him. Should have this meant that, Gandhi should have designed his whole freedom movement by asking every single individual what his suggestion and criticism should be?

Be A Revolution Or Be An Elite?

Stop criticising. Criticising is not going to help you achieve anything except an churning mediocre life. There are two ways you can beat the system. Either be ready to sacrifice all your pleasures, your entire life and fight against the tyranny of the unjust systems or get to the top position where you yourself will be an elite with enough power to implement your own systems. I find the latter choice better for me, not only because I am a hedonist but also because it seems more realistic and possible. Starting a revolution which people who are glued to their cell phones and television 24/7 won't exactly cut it. Moreover the imbalance between the elite and strugglers will always exist no matter what. So when you have the power to be an elite and enjoy life at the same time, why do you want to struggle in the rat race?

“If you end up with a boring miserable life because you listened to your mom, your dad, your teacher, your priest, or some guy on television telling you how to do your shit, then you deserve it.”

-Frank Zappa