Are You Using Hobbies As A Veil To Cover Loneliness?

Around a month ago, I told one of my friend that I am not enjoying talking much to her lately. I had found out through her in one of our talks that she didn’t have any hobbies or passions. The whole day she used to just sit at home and watch T.V. So in the end, no matter how hard I tried to not tell this to her, I finally couldn't tolerate her and I told her in a rude tone that she is boring and she should get some hobbies.

But the very same episode made me question myself the need of hobbies. Why do I need to have so many hobbies?  I felt that I have hobbies maybe because I use it as a veil to hide my loneliness and that many people, like my friend in picture here, are so comfortable with their loneliness that they don’t need any hobby at all.

Well I was wrong. I soon found out through a common friend that not only is my friend depressed but she also had suicidal tendencies before meeting me. Surely, hovering on the edge of self-destruction is not being comfortable with your true self  or accepting loneliness. It’s self-hate.

Secondly I found out that there exists in each of us a force. I know absolutely anything about this force. I don’t even know if it’s a force or a state of mind. But whatever it is, this force keeps growing when we do things that we love, things that challenge us or give us a rush, when we pursue our passion etc. And similarly the force keeps on decreasing when we invest negatively in ourself by doing anything that we hate or dislike.

The more this force grows, the more satisfied, bright, happy, interesting you become and more the force decreases the more you feel lonely, sad, depressed, and lonely. So yes may be I am following multiple hobbies and passions because I don’t want to feel lonely and depressed. So whats wrong in that? I feel the core purpose of this life is to experience more and more pleasure. So the more I invest in growing the force, the more happy I become, the more satisfied I feel and this sets a chain reaction of greater pleasure.