I Hate Giving And Receiving Gifts.

Generally, attending birthdays or visiting guests without gifting a beautifully wrapped box of something is considered insensitive and rude. Although the age old gift giving tradition is slowly diminishing, it still exists to a huge extent. Irrespective of who or how special the occasion is, I don't mind saying, "Sorry, I don't give gifts and please I don't accept gifts either" to anyone and here are the reason why.

  • Too much wastage of time by roaming around and trying to figure out what the other person likes.
  • Unneeded confusion and waste of time and energy.
  • The giver tries buying something that fits in his budget rather than buying something that is meaningful to the other person.
  • Gifts that look good visually are usually not that useful and vica-versa.
  • 99.99% of the time, the receiver doesn't like the gift.
  • 76.4731% of the time, the receiver already has the thing that you just gifted him.
  • The receiver simply doesn't like the gifts.
  • Gifts are compared and false judgement of people is based on them.
  • You are gifting him because he gifted you something earlier.
  • You are gifting him because you don't want to be the only one in the party without having anything to gift to the person.
  • You are gifting them because it is a special occasion and not because you actually feel like gifting them something.
  • Builds unnecessary expectations and possibly disappointment when those expectations fail to be fulfilled.
  • Accepting gifts creates an obligation to gift back the other person.
  • The actual few seconds in which the gift is given is really awkward.
  • And most importantly, you don't need a gift to express your emotions to someone.

So I feel anyone who judges me for not giving them a gift, is a shallow person. And I completely try escaping the whole awkward situation myself by denying to accept gifts as and when they are presented to me.