Why I Dont Read The Newspapers Anymore

The paper boy delivers not one, not two but four of the best newspapers in my city, to our home every single day. My dad spends approximately an hour skimming through the newspapers and reading the articles before he proceeds on with his day. Whereas I detest the newspaper from the core of my heart and haven't read a newspaper since years now and here is the reason for it.

Let me give you a page by page short-summary of one of those newspapers selected from a heap newspapers lying in front of me now.

Page 1, 2, 3, 4
Giant ads covering first three pages and smaller ads and tenders on page four. So page 1 and page 2 is now actually page 5 and page 6, I suppose.

Page 5 a.k.a the real page 1
One article on politics and three on crime and few huge ads and the miscellaneous page one stuff that is usually skipped, like climate details and teasers for articles to follow ahead.

Page 6
Two articles about illegal construction work and few huge ads

Page 7
Three articles on illegal constructions and stuff and a huge half page ad

Page 8
A really good page, what a shocker! Beautiful bird photographs sent by readers themselves and many columns consisting of good personal views and opinions on different topics and some sent in by readers too. One reader says why he stopped reading the newspaper because of ads clogging up all pages.

Page 9
Half a dozen columns talking about the crime in the city.

Page 10
Five articles talking about the bad politicians and two good pieces about a fun places and a fish exhibition in the city respectively.

Page 11
Few articles about the major developments in the city.

Page 12
Few articles about national politics and the corporate world. And a photo about the World Autism Day.

Page 13
A page full of articles about national politics.

Page 14
Some really complex looking articles on politics and society.

Page 15
A good page for those interested in science and latest scientific surveys and findings.

Page 16
International crime and politics news.

Page 17, 18, 19
Three pages concerning news related to finance and economy.

Page 20, 21, 22
Three pages of news related to sports.

The newspaper also has an extra supplementary 8 pages related to fashion and celebrities that has got to do nothing with my life.

So after spending so much precious time skimming through pages of negative news, pessimism and ads, I stumble on two and a half pages of news worth reading that is page 8, 10, 14. And although I am a big sports fan, I feel reading about sports is not my thing. A sport is something that is better seen live. Also I feel reading about how much stocks a company purchased or how much percentage of a certain highway construction is completed or the scientific findings that have been re-processed for newspapers a dozen times does not add to any fun or wisdom or change of perspective for me. 

I feel that reading such a newspaper is not only a waste of time but would also have a detrimental effect on my mind and thinking because of all the ads, negativity and attention grabbing headlines. Also one of my beliefs of life is that on a larger span of time, every single positive or negative stimuli that we choose in life, every single form of external stimuli in our life, has a consequential result on us. Hence over the past few years, I have chosen better forms of media that is mainly the internet over traditional forms of media like newspapers.